KEEN is a family affair!

IEvita, Ioanna and Demetra began KEEN organic in 2015 with a clear vision — to create organic clothing made in Europe that would fit the lifestyle of the urban kids. As a women-owned and run company, we knew what our customers were looking for, it was what we wanted for our children. We focused on effortlessly stylish designs and unique prints in high-quality organic fabrics that feel good next to skin. We combined comfort with playfulness. Our customers agreed. And the line and the business grew.

Today KEEN organic is thriving in Greece where we design a full line of mix-and-match, eco-friendly kids clothing. We remain committed to using the finest cotton, grown without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers and then, only the most gentle, nontoxic dyes, manufacturing from start to finish in Europe, and designing for the real world with simple lines, inherently soft fabrics and motivational prints.


Our Inspiration

MMy son loves soccer. He wants to become a famous soccer player like Neymar Jr. Every day at school, during every break, he plays soccer. When he comes home, his skin is full of cloth fluff. I know that when he sweats his pores are more absorbent as the skin needs to breath. But what does his skin absorb?

At some point I discussed my concerns with my friend Ioanna who has great experience as Head Operations Manager in one of the most important Manufacturing Companies in Europe. We are both chemical Engineers and we know each other from College. She told me: “You are right to be concerned: What we wear is much more dangerous than what we eat”
We had to take action.
And KEEN was born.

Our Organic Cotton

OOrganic Cotton counts for less than 1% of the worldwide cotton production.
KEEN Organic Cotton counts for a lot less, it scarce and precious.
Produced and processed under legitimate trade -no child labour involved - thoroughly tested against any dangerous factors, conforms to all International Standards and feels unique.

100% Organic Cotton Yarn, 100% Azo Free, 100% Formaldeyde Free, 100% Free of Allergenic / Carcinogenic Dyes, 100% safe.

KEEN organic believes fashion should be

considered, sustainable, timeless

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